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I am of Evil and Chaos, and as such, I vow to honor Duach, God of Darkness and Elphame at his side, foremost and above all others. I vow to conduct myself in a manner which will be worthy of the Dark Path which I have chosen. I will treat all who enter the Temples and all whose paths I cross with respect. I practice the Dark Arts, but do so only with honor, always remembering that there is no honor in harming those who are unwilling or innocent. I take it upon myself to bring the knowledge of the Dark Arts to those willing to learn. I vow to protect those creatures who are the children of Duach, as am I. I will not defile the Temples by shedding blood even under the guise of defending them. I do this all willingly, knowing that there is a place for all who hold honor in the Darkness.

Legend of Darkness

The essence of life... change.
The essence of being... honor.


Rarely does one word conjure so many meanings to so many as this one can. It brings order to chaos. It gives meaning to action. It brings light to the darkness. It is a pact with oneself to do right by a set of principles even when others do not.


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