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Newcomer appeared and bade those in the temple to gather the Darkness.

I have heard your prayers
This is the day
Gather the following

Newcomer left, returning shortly after...

My faithful followers, gather.
My faithful followers, gather.
Today marks the new beginning.
Today, in your faith, I shall ascend to my rightful place among the gods.
I am the last of my species,
The last of my form,
The last of those born within the mists,
with hearts of hardened ebony,
and gnawing hunger.
But none had heart so black or hunger so deep as to match my own.
Long have I labored toward my ascension,
Beginning with the decimation of my kind,
Of those who would thwart me,
And ending with my debasement as servant for an inferior and stagnate thing that mortals call a god.
But I have begun to hear your prayers,
Begun to feel the strength and power that flows from your belief,
And lifts me to my rightful fate.


Be gone vile creature
* Newcomer dismisses lavonna *


No longer shall I fear your inquisition.
The One you serve has lost his place.

Beware his wrath Deceiver!
You profane the temple of the Dark Lord

Be gone I say!

Lavonna dies...

Earthquakes were felt throughout the whole of Realm...

And so it shall be for all who stand before Those That Come
Gather around me my faithful,
And lift me with your prayers
* Newcomer smiles malevolently. *
He stirs
But he is too late
You have no garden!

Duach, God of Evil appears in the screen where His garden should be...

Newcomer poofs from Duach's Temple and appears on screen with Duach.
Perhaps she is "summoned" by him...

* Duach glares at Newcomer *
Is this how you serve me?
Is this what your sweet words of loyalty mean?
* Duach glares at the gathered masses *
Is this how you worship me?
Why do you bring me here?
Why do you demand that I leave my labors,
Labors that may save you,
And come here now to clean my own house?
The Garden of the Sceptre and The Garden of Light
Long have they grown and prospered.
And what do I see upon the land reserved in my name?
Desolation and waste!
Seeds sown on poisoned ground cannot yield their fruit.
Your true nature has been revealed Deceiver.
In you my trust was ill placed.
Let your words from the beginning share in your fate
And be forgotten along with your name.

Newcomer dies...

There are those among you who,
Through the trials and uncertainty,
Have remained faithful to the end.
Speak not of it to any other
The truth lies in your heart
And forever in my memory
There are those among you who,
Deceived by love and a trusted friend
Were swayed to follow the path of pestilence and destruction.
Speak not of it to any other.
The failure has past and a new chance is offered.
And lest any questions again my authority over my domain,
I give to you a gift long lacking from your lands

All present were teleported from the screen by Duach.
When they returned, His garden had appeared...

And so mortal ears may hear my words,
No matter what the distance,
I give to you my true prophet

My Sovereign.
Virulent kneels

Serve me well prophet

When The Master bids me bring you word,
I will see you all again,
At the Temple of Darkness



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