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    Our sincere hope is that you enjoy this festival and carry Duckie in your heart. She will never truly be gone as long as she has all of us to honor her and keep her fun loving and sweet spirit alive. 
    We wish all of you luck and good fortunes throughout the games! May Duach guide you!

Valanthe & Gruumsh

Welcome to DuckFest 2003 - Celebration of Life Festival!

    Our dear friend left us one year ago. And, although we were all deeply saddened by the loss, she would want us to find joy in the legacy she left behind. That is why this festival is NOT a sad memorial to her memory, but a celebration of the life she lived, the friends she loved, and the games she enjoyed so very much.

Schedule of Events

Friday - August 22nd, 2003

 7:00 pm EST - Opening ceremony - Duach's Grotto

 7:30 pm EST - Hide-N-Seek Trivia

 9:00 pm EST - RealmyWood Squares

10:30 pm EST - Sez Who?

Saturday - August 23rd, 2003

 2:00 pm EST - Pending

 6:00 pm EST - Name That Toon

 9:00 pm EST - Past, Present, Future

10:30 pm EST - 7 Deadly Toons

NOTE: For CST - Hour minus 1 .. For MST - Hour minus 2 .. For PST - Hour minus 3 .. For GMT - Hour plus 5


     Our sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who participated in this event making it a huge success! It was heartwarming to see so many of Rachel's old friends and acquaintances attend and to welcome those whom she would have undoubtedly welcomed as new ones. Knowing her as we did, we can only imagine her smiling down upon us all and laughing right along with us. God bless you all.

Valanthe, Gruumsh & Etincelle