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Dear family of Rachel Kramer,

As I'm sure you know, Rachel was a wonderful person. She was a fighter, she never gave up. She shared her love of Moulin Rouge with all of us, and it ended up becoming my favorite movie of all time. Even in sickness she had a positive attitude and was ready to help anyone when needed, no matter how terrible she was feeling. She assisted me in hard times, and no matter how terrible my day was, the moment she logged on to the Realm I knew it would get better. Just seeing her name flash on my friends list made me happy. She was like a sister to me, the sister I never had, and I will forever miss her, but I know that my life is better just for knowing her for the time I did, and I thank God that he picked me as one of the lucky people to know Rachel in our lifetime. I am truly sorry for your loss. Know Rachel was loved, and will be missed by everyone. Stay strong in your Faith. God has reasons for everything, and I know prayer has comforted me for the past week.

With Love, Mark Behnen (WarriorGiant from the Realm)

I met Rachel in the first days of the Realm storyline. We hit it off right from the beginning. What started off being a Realm friendship quickly developed into so much more. There being so many facets to her personality, it was easy to get hooked on talking to her at every opportunity. Her love for art and my dabbling quickly cemented our friendship. I knew that if Rachel was on, I was in store for some excellent company.

In the early days of Rachel's illness, a few of us lived it with her. Her concern with the lump that wouldn't go away, the tests, the diagnosis and the prognosis. Rachel would bring us up to date on all the developments and I have to admire the strength she showed. Wanting to be supportive and upbeat, it would begin with us trying to cheer her up and instead, it would be Rachel who did the comforting and provided us with hope and faith that God was watching over her.

There were many nights when she couldn't sleep because of the meds but she'd log when Nick was ready for bed. She would not let him fall asleep without her at his side. She'd go through all the "good nights and cya's" and then she'd whisper that as soon as Hubby fell asleep, she'd be back. I had to laugh everytime she did that. One night, our giggles woke him up and Duckie relayed his "shushes" amidst gales of laughter. She logged off again promising to come back once more. I believe there were pillows thrown that night and I wasn't a bit surprised that I didn't see her again until the following night.

Rachel was an art student and we spent many hours surfing the net for art supply sites together. Unbeknownst to me, she painted miniature horse models as well as on canvas. Standing in the temple one night, with her and Cavaleer, she inquired as to the exact meaning of my toon name, Etincelle. When I told her that it was French for sparkle, she ooooh'ed and then asked if Cav and I minded if her newest horses were named after us (at this time we're both thinking real life horses, right?). I was feeling very honoured and excited imagining a horse named for my little toon and wondered aloud where Rachel kept her horses and why her horsewoman skills had never come up before. It was then that I found out about the models. We had some pretty good laughs over that one. It turned out some time after, that both horses had taken prizes. She was so proud of them! I never failed to greet her with a "whinny" after.

The one person I knew on line, whom I could tell anything to, was Rachel. I miss you, Quackers.

Sleep sweetly ~ Veronica E.

I have many Duckie memories, but the ones I will always remember are our Emmy Fashion Critique, Sharing her love of Moulin Rouge, Her helping me with graphic art, and her article on me of my obsession with Virulent.

We both were in the Duach channel one night, along with many of our Dark brethren. We both happened to be watching the Emmys after they had been postponed for months. Duckie had a love of fashion and would comment here and there. Finally, I realized we were watching the same show and I joined it. We annoyed most of the people in the channel, but we kept at it because it was more interesting than Realm anyways. It was nice seeing her so happy, and bonding with her by myself. She was the first person I asked if I could join Duach's temple and she welcomed me with open arms.

She even convinced me to buy the Moulin Rouge DVD without seeing it first. She went on and on about how wonderful it was, and that if I loved romance movies, I had to see this one. After our Emmy deal, which included Moulin Rouge awards, she convinced me to buy it. Afterwards we both talked about it constantly and would even sing some of the songs on Realm. We both proceeded to convince the other Dark members to see it.

She was most kind in that she helped me get started in learning graphic art. I saw some of hers and asked if she could teach me how to get started. She was so patient with all of my questions and really complimented my work, even though it was mostly a joke and not appropriate in most places. She was in the middle of planning a new art with me in it when she got too sick to continue. I can only dream about how wonderful her artwork would have been with me in it.

We also talked a lot about the Storyline and the Dark members. She always found my crazy antics funny. Usually, us Dark girls would get in the channel or group and gossip about things ranging from my obsession with Virulent, to pictures of this girl in a corset that had a 14 inch waist. She always found our antics funny, even if she didn't feel right joining in. She even made an article in the BGG's newsletter that included my love of Virulent. I always loved knowing she was laughing and smiling.

We had a lot of great times together and she always let me come to her when I needed someone as well. When I got emotionally broken, she would just talk and let me think of something else. She was always there for me, even when my mouth got me into trouble. I will miss her for a lifetime, until the Goddess takes me as well, and we both start a new life. I hope the Goddess is taking care of her, and perhaps I will meet her again in another life.

Until then, Rachel is forever in my heart.
Michelle Ruiz aka Darceia

Rachel was one of the first people I met on Realm. When I first started playing, I was instantly attracted to the dark side, and ventured out trying to find Duach's Temple. I was pleased to see that the people there were newbie-friendly, namely RD, who told me about the storyline.

We quickly became friends, and talked much after that. She was on a whole lot until she told everyone she had cancer. After that, it was a rare occurrence she was online, and when she was, I took full advantage of it knowing she wouldn't be on long. I always sat 1d EL with her and her friends, usually talking to her in /t. She always would joke around, always happy with a kind word if you ever felt down.

I don't know what I'll do without Rachel around. I pay frequent visits to her house and think of the good times we had at the Temple, 1d EL, etc. Even while she had cancer, I knew she would die...I just didn't want to believe it. And now she's gone. And what's worse is that she wasn't an old lady who accomplished a lifetime's work. She was still very young, which bothers me a lot. Now, I don't know if she was married or had any children, but I wish that I had spent more time with her. She was on so much I never bothered /t'ing her sometimes, I thought she'd always be there. Now I realize that you have to seize the moment, and be with the ones you love as much as you can.

Oh well. I fear that I've gone off-topic. I don't know what to say anymore.

Matt Johnson ~ Shika

I created this picture to celebrate the life of RubberDuckie. I did not wish to use sad colors as I know she had a artistic mind.

~ HD

Here is a little about how I met RD:

2 years ago on the online game, Realm, I met RubberDuckie, aka Rachel. She was to become one of my Realm sisters. She had a heart of gold. She always put others before herself. She never complained or yelled even though she was going through so much pain. She was the type of person that never gave up hope. She knew where she was going to go to. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones but I know she will always remain alive in our memorys and hearts.

Lisa ~ HeartsDesire

To the family of Rachel Kramer,

We first had the pleasure of meeting Rachel on the Realm, and it seems like it was only yesterday. She was so honest, friendly, and vibrant that we instantly knew that we would be fast friends. Over the time in which we were able to spend with Rachel, we talked about everything. From Survivor, to Moulin Rouge, family, friends, and religion. we shared everything with her, as she did with us. I doubt there were many topics that we didn't have the chance to cover. No matter how serious or whimsical the topic, we always thoroughly enjoyed our conversations with Rachel.

When Nina was sick in the hospital during the birth of our son, the person who most helped our struggling family was Rachel. Considering the things she had been through, her positive outlook helped us to press on and make it through a difficult period. She even sent a present of a Duckie bib and a RubberDuckie to us to celebrate his birth. We hoped that when she felt better, that she and Nick would someday be able to come visit and see our son, Ben. No matter the circumstance, she was always our friend. but more than that, she became a part of our family. No matter how much time may pass, Rachel will always be a part of our family. Our son will grow up, knowing how much his "Auntie Rachel" meant to his parents, and that she loved him. though she never had the chance to meet him.

Rachel Kramer is, and always will be a treasured hunting partner, a partner-in-crime, a confidante, a friend, and a member of our family. We are truly blessed for having known her as well as we did, and we will always love you Rachel. Duckerz, wherever you are. You will always be a part of our family. To Nick and the rest of the family, our hearts and minds are with you and we pray for your family every night. We are truly saddened by your loss, and we will keep you in our prayers.

With Love and Hope,

Jeff, Nina, and Ben Johnson ~ aka Gruumsh and Valanthe

To The Kramer and Lewis family,

I had the blessing of knowing Rachel by meeting her on the Realm, a couple of years ago. We became instant friends, and I soon learned that she lived in the same place that I grew up in. We spent those first weeks talking about the Montclair Plaza, our love for shopping, Disneyland, and hoping to eventually meet. I felt connected to her, like I had known her forever. As time passed, we spent time goofing around 1dEl on Realm, and she attempted to pull me into the storyline and BGG, which she loved. Before her battle, she would be on every nite, that is until Nick came home from work. Then she would rush off to greet him, and sometimes sneak on later. What fun it was to talk to her, and hear her laugh. I treasure her letters, things that she sent, and little things that remind me of her every day.

Through her battle, she was so strong.. stronger than I could ever be. I'll never forget the last time I heard her voice on the phone.. from the hospital.. and I asked her how she was doing, and said I was worried. She said "You know Sarah, don't be upset, God dealt me this because He knew I could handle it better than someone else. Weather I get through this and am healthy again, or not, It's what God wants to happen. Sometimes we just don't understand things while they're happening." Looking back now, I realize the strength and trust in God she had, and I don't know if I ever could have that kind of attitude through something like that.

Even though our friendship began because of goofing around, and having fun, Rachie was such an encouragement to me, no matter what. When I was having trouble with something, she would give me advice, tell me to trust in God, and always make me smile. I am so blessed to have known Rachel, and I have learned so much from what she told me, and her life. I've learned to be strong, to be determined, and that what happens in my life is not in my hands, but God's. I've learned not to complain, because someone else's day is always worse than mine, and I am so blessed. I've also learned to be more considerate of others, to be kinder, assume the best in people, to seize the moment, to tell friends that you love them. She always found a way to find something good from a bad situation. She will leave a lasting impression with all who were privileged enough to know her in this lifetime. I know you all know what a wonderful, sweet, person Rachel was, and I want you to know that I'm praying for you every day, and I pray that Rachel can now find the peace that is much deserved. You all have been through a lot.. may God watch over you and bless you, and may you find your strength to pull through, in Him. Rachel will always be a loved sister to me, and a never forgotten best friend.

With Love, Sarah Grace ( aka DorkySar)

Me and Duckie used to sit in the temple talking of different things. The one thing that stands out in my mind is when I told her she would be ok. I spent endless days reassuring her she would be ok. Telling her that she was too strong to just fade away. Beschattet and I used to spend countless hours amusing her while she was in the hospital, doing all that we could to please her and make her feel as if we were right there by her bed.

Besch and I havent just lost a friend from a game, it feels as if we have lost our sister, our mother, our mentor.

Be well Duckie, if there really is a God, I guess you finally found a way to prove me wrong.

With love and sorrow,


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