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In the past, Duach's Followers have hosted events for the purpose of introducing those in the Realm who are not already aware of it, to the storyline. These events have included Trivia Games, PVP Tournaments and two festivals to date. There are no current plans for any events, but ideas are being kicked around. If you would like to be involved with planning or have any suggestions, please contact us via email at or by MM in the Realm.


Upcoming Events

November 7 through November 9, 2003 - Descent Into Darkness: A dark celebration to be held on the second anniversary of Newcomer's demise is being held this coming weekend. Those organizing this event are Alyith, Cepherus, Darceia, Enmity, GoAT4Yew, MissFinvarra, and Valanthe. They have amassed a huge store of items to be awarded as prizes over the course of three days of games and events.

Information on events planned can be viewed at a site set up by Enmity for the the occasion. His intro is quite entertaining, but not for the weak of heart. View the site Here .


Past Events

August 28 through September 2, 2003 - All Faiths Festival II: A celebration to honor the Gods of all faiths was held with numerous activities for all. This festival is held not only to bring the Storyline to light for those who are not aware that there is one, but also to encourage and foster camaraderie and friendships between the many citizens of Realm.

Instrumental in carrying out the planned event were ShannaLee, AubadeLee, Bennybalboa, Falco, TpyoQuene, LadyMicaela, and YiraDR,

August 22 and August 23, 2003 - RubberDuckie's Memorial Festival: The 22nd marked the first-year anniversary of our dear friend's, Rachel Kramer, passing. In keeping with the type of person that Duckie was, a joyous and fun-filled festival was held as a celebration of her life both in the real world and in the Realm. Schedule of events held. A very special thank you to Valanthe and Gruumsh for planning and making sure the fest went as well as it did.

January 24-25, 2003 - Festival of Darkness: A celebration was held in honor of Duach and the recently won competition against the Balance and the Light for the Temple Trophy. Beschattet, Darceia, Cepherus and Cavaleer organized and put on a great festival. Other Dark Followers helped out by donating items to be used as prizes in the various games and events held. The Dark Lord himself, through Virulent, donated an 8x Helmet of Defense which was awarded during one of the games.

January 4 - 6, 2002 -   A Festival of Darkness was held to honor Duach, God of Evil. Numerous games and events helped to spread awareness of the Storyline throughout the Realm. Many of Duach's Faithful sponsored and hosted the various events: Beschattet, Darceia, Gr8Wiz, Gruumsh, Gshock, PhoenixStar, RubberDuckie, SegFault, THEGOD, Valanthe, Zinon. Donations of items by LordNatsirt and IronOfWar went far in helping to add to the prize cache. Thanks to everyone for making this a success! Details and screenshots here .

CutiPie , former member, sponsored several Hide & Seek Games  during her time with the Following. She made sure that everyone had fun and used the opportunity to spread Storyline awareness throughout the Realm. Thanks, Cuti, for the time and effort you put into this.

Duach Trivia was held on May 20, 2001 , after a shaky start. 25 assorted prizes were awarded with Rally serving as Trivia Master and ForsakenWarrior doling out the winnings. Many of the participants commented that this was an excellent way to spread word of the storyline. Thanks to all who donated or accompanied us in spirit.


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