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MasterGiz: I am here but to protect, and give my blessings, and now ask that you open yourselves to one another both in mind and in spirit

Beschattet: Eressea I fuumes, melda
MasterGiz: Long I slept, beloved

SegFault: Kuile tuuva ta lyaa iloloorea
MasterGiz: Wake, and find that you do not dream

Beschattet: Lyaas miquilis kuile em
MasterGiz: It was your kiss which awoke me

SegFault: Limbe ohtas heru I kena, melda
MasterGiz: Many battles have I seen, my love

Beschattet: Kaure il, ten I himya lyaas ento ulleme
MasterGiz: Fear not, for I am by your side always

SegFault: I anta melda makil ten varya
MasterGiz: And I give my sword for your protection

Beschattet: I heru tuuva poldore mi mahtar
MasterGiz: I have found a strength within me, warrior

SegFault: I, oore wanwa eressea yaa
MasterGiz: And I, a heart forgotten too long ago

Beschattet: I nauta et ohta varya
MasterGiz: I am bound to you for eternity

SegFault: Ananta I et ohta
MasterGiz: As well as I to you

Beschattet: I shula I et ohta
MasterGiz: I will never love another

SegFault: I non melme, mennai I sanga ohta
MasterGiz: And I never loved, until I found you

Beschattet gazes into SegFault's eyes

MasterGiz: May the Lord of Darkness watch and protect you always on your venture through this world and the next

SegFault gazes deeply into Beschattets eyes.

Beschattet smiles and caresses SegFault's lips with her own

SegFault holds Beschattet kissing her lovingly.

SegFault clears his throat.

Virulent: Live well, Die well, always in the warmth of Darkness.

Congratulations to you both on tying the knot!