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The Realm of the earth is full of miseries, and the decree
of the fates shall change the course of the heavens.

   The Storyline is written and presented by Realm Team and their representatives. It allows for players to participate if interested, therefore, no player can be denied the right to participate in the Following. Players may take part as much or as little as they wish.

   Your email address is not required to join. If there is none given, you will be notified in Realm via Magic Mail of receipt of your submission and your name will be added to the list of Duach's Faithful as soon as possible.

   Please list the name by which you wish to be known as a Follower. For purposes of accurate record-keeping, we will accept only one Realm character name per person for the list.


1. Realm name?

2. E-mail address?

3. Race?


4. Class?


5. Level...      


    Level is only important in
    determining our strengths.

6. I am...

already practicing
currently learning
not willing to learn/practice

the Dark Arts
(Necro - PvP - PP).

6. Comments? (optional)  

Thank you for submitting the above information. Your name will be added to the Faithful section of the site as soon as possible.

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