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We hope the following list of frequently asked questions will answer anything you may have wondered about akin to Duach or his Following. If you have questions not addressed on this page, please send your suggestions and/or inquiries to Etincelle via a Magic Mail in-game or here at


 1. What is the Storyline?

The Storyline is something that was put into play by the Realm Team. It is an opportunity for players to interact with each other as well as members of the Realm Team in an ongoing roleplay. It began late last year and has returned after a hiatus. All Realmers are welcome and encouraged to take part. For more information, please continue reading at this site, and/or visit theTemple Chronicles on the Realm Message boards. You can also visit the Temples of the Realm Gods who are most involved: Duach, Despothes, and Enid.


 2. Who is Virulent and what does he do?

Virulent is the prophet of Duach (played by a member of the Realm Team). He visits the Temple when he has a message to deliver to the Followers. His appearances are completely unpredictable and great cause for excitement.


 3. Who was Newcomer?

Newcomer was Duach's messenger prior to Virulent's introduction. She had served him for a year but was discovered to have betrayed and deceived both Duach and the following. While her plans are still not completely known, and never will be, it was determined that she was a part of the danger which has threatened The Realm. Duach made an unprecedented visit to his domain and quickly dispatched with the traitor. Followers and non-followers alike were treated to a display of his wrath manifested in earthquakes felt throughout the entire Realm. The confrontation ended with Newcomer's death at Duach's will.


 4. How do I join Duach's Following?

Joining in is very simple. Come to the Duach's Temple and get to know the other Followers. State your desire to serve Duach and honor Him in all your words and deeds.


 5. Is this a guild?

No. We are merely Realmers who have come together based solely on our desire to follow the Dark Path. We have no officers or leaders. Participants do as much or as little within the following as they wish.


 6. Are you members of a cult?

While we do follow the God of Evil, this is all done in the spirit of the storyline, roleplaying and good clean fun. Without an evil presence there could be no story. Many of us are enjoying the opportunity to be a little bit evil for once.


 7. May I list all of my character names on the list of followers?

No, we ask that you select only one of your names so that we may have a true and accurate count of loyal Followers. Of course, you may join us and participate in the Temple, on channel and during events using whichever character you wish.


 8. Must we pay dues or support the Following with donations?

No, there are no dues collected and the only time that you might be asked to help with contributions of any kind would be to assist with events sponsored by the following such as trivia games or pvp-style competitions. Donations would be voluntary.


 9. How do I serve/follow Duach?

The most important way to serve Duach is to follow His words that are delivered to His Followers by His prophet, Virulent. Some other ways are to stay evil/pure evil in alignment, wear Duach's Mark, protect the creatures of Duach, practice the Dark Arts with honor, fellowship with other followers, and pray in His temple.


10. What is Duach's Mark?

The Mark of Duach is received when a player of evil or pure evil alignment prays at the altar within the Dark Gauntlet. The Mark turns the hair of the Realmer black and their eyes red. The player also receives 90% protection from poison. Duach's Mark lasts for 6 hours.


11. How do I get to Duach's Temple?

From the Wen Gatekeeper, go 9 South (down) and 8 West (left).

An alternate route is to use the altar teleporter located in Leinster. From East Leinster Gatekeeper, go 2 South (down) and 8 West (left) to Duach's Grotto. Praying at the altar will transport you to the entrance right of the temple.


12. How do I get to the altar inside the Dark Gauntlet?

The Dark Gauntlet is located 10 South (down) and 9 West (left) of the Wen Gatekeeper. The key to the door inside is "vanity". Once inside the door, the directions to the altar are as follows: 1 down, 1 right, 4 down, 3 left, 2 down, 1 left, 1 down, 3 left, 1 up, 1 left, 2 up, 1 right, 2 up, 1 right, 1 up, 1 right, 1 down.


13. What do you do in Duach's Temple?

  • Pray to Duach to show our loyalty and devotion
  • Gather in the temple for Duach's messages through Virulent
  • Have ongoing discussions of Storyline happenings
  • Fellowship with other members of the Following
  • Sponsor events in the name of the Following
  • Recruit new followers to the Storyline
  • Practice skills with other followers


14. Do I have to be of evil alignment?

Being of evil or pure evil alignment is encouraged but not required. The majority of the Followers do maintain evil or pure evil alignment as this is the only way to receive Duach's Mark.


15. What are the Dark Arts and must I practice them?

The Dark Arts are Necromancy, PvP, and Pickpocketing. As Followers of Duach, we have been instructed to learn these skills. Virulent has stated in reference to the Dark Arts, it must be done with honor. As he speaks for Duach, we must obey these words.



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