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     On November 28, 2001, Virulent informed the following that they were to honor Duach, the Dark Lord, with a festival to show their devotion. Initial plans were made at that time for a celebration. During a subsequent visit on December 18th, Virulent again stressed the importance of meeting Duach's edict. A Festival of Darkness was held January 4 - January 6, 2002.

     A daily parade kicked off the festivities. Participants were boisterous in proclaiming their loyalty to Duach as they made their way from town to town ultimately ending up in Duach's Grotto in East Leinster. Costumes were colorful and the camaraderie shown was an example for all. Several of our friends from the Light and the Balance joined us for the processions. We were honored to have been accompanied by our Lord Duach in mortal form (Churanas) during the third and final parade. He appeared amused by the antics of his faithful. The parades on Friday and Saturday culminated in outstanding performances by Zinon, Darceia and Gr8Wiz honoring our Lord's greatness.

     Virulent made an appearance during the ongoing events at Duach's request on Friday. After inquiring if battles had been scheduled, he asked to be taken to observe when told that were going on at that very moment. Followers were treated to watching Virulent tromp on a detractor of Duach. I daresay Babbles has learned some manners.

     Numerous games with a "dark" twist were hosted by the followers. Moans and groans were heard from some at the difficulty level of some games, but the prizes awarded were nice enough that they placated most. All in all, feedback received by attendees was positive.

     Duach's Following takes this opportunity to thank all of you who helped bring this festival to Realm. Without the support, encouragement and attendance of our many "Friends", it would have been much smaller in scale and probably not as much fun as it turned out to be. From all of us, thank you and may all of the Realm Gods smile down on you.

A special "Thank You" to our generous benefactors:



     While there was some minor juggling of events and times due to real life interruptions and games running, it went well.

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Parades and Exhibitions  
Evil Scrambled Eggs  
Beschattet's Brawl in TG  
THEGOD's Hide and Seek  
Who Wants To Win Stuff?!
Valanthe's Hide-N-Seek Trivia  
Gruumsh's Grand Inquisition  
Pick-A-Duck, Try-Your-Luck
Before and After with PhoenixStar
Scavenger Hunt  

Winners: 1st - OldSparkster, 2nd - Eufuzella, 3rd - ValsEB


Seven Deadly Toons  
Winners: Sloth - Eufuzella, Gluttony - Amalgam, Wrath - Sharny, Lust - Amalgam, Envy - WarriorGiant, Pride - Valanthe, Greed - SilentJustice
Lord of the Rings and Amulets  

NOTE:Countless prizes were awarded during most games
and a winners list was not kept for most.

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