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August 23, 2002






We are gathered here to pay homage to a fallen Daughter and Sister. RubberDuckie was a cherished member of this place we inhabit. The Spiked One will be remembered by all that were fortunate enough to have known her. I am honored that she chose the Dark following. The Darkness along with all faiths will forever be diminished by her absence. Though most times I am accused of having no heart, what does beat there breaks for the loss we all feel. I leave these for her in memory. A baldric to show the faith she chose and followed with honor and dignity. A Crystal of Duach so that its glow may guide her in her travels. A Black Rose for her to carry always. Sleep well Daughter of Darkness. We shall miss you. May your soul find peace in both of the Realms you walked.

October 17, 2002