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Herald: Come to the Smiting Memorial and press F7
Herald: We come before you this night to announce the victors in the Challenge of the Temples.

Virulent: It was a hard fought struggle with all faiths performing well in the face of determined opposition.
BishopAlexander: As was decreed, this competition was enjoined in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood.
Herald: You have shown that you can work in cooperation even though you walk a different path.
Virulent: Remember that the Challenge Trophy is one that travels and has no permanent home. This should serve as incentive for the next Challenge.BishopAlexander: As you know, the Goddess, Despothes, and Duach have all placed their blessing on this competition. They all showed great interest in the outcome.
Herald: We are proud of all of you in your efforts. There were almost 8,000 of the Crystals turned in.
BishopAlexander: Never before have so many worked for a common goal. Let this not be the last time such an event occurs.
Virulent: Many were told to use all means that retained honor, and with only the smallest of incidents, this was done by all.
Herald: This trophy will stand as a testament to all that participated regardless of the location it will rest.
Virulent: Let it be known that the Trophy will reside in the Temple of the Scepter.
BishopAlexander: So you can see that everyone's efforts were needed, I will give the final Tallies:
BishopAlexander: Crystals of Enid..2274
BishopAlexander: Crystals of Duach..2701
BishopAlexander: Crystals of Despothes.2895
BishopAlexander: Congratulations to the followers of Balance in their achievement. I ask them to keep it well polished for its eventual spot of honor in the Temple of Light.

Virulent: I add my 66congratulations to the followers of Despothes. Keep the Trophy safe so that it may arrive free from damage when it takes its rightful spot next to the flames.
BishopAlexander: Herald has been given the Trophy and he will be delivering it to the Temple of Despothes.
Virulent: Until the next Challenge, I bid you all Darkness.