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        Light and Dark, two sides of the same coin. Locked in eternal confict with each other, for without one, the other could not truly exist. Duach, the God of Evil, grows stronger daily and is readying for the final hours when he will triumph. Elphame sits in judgement and waits...

        The following history leading up to the current state of affairs was compiled from various sources by our Dark Sister, RubberDuckie, who spent countless hours wading through visit transcripts, Realm Board posts and who knows what else in order to write this summary, making it easier for all of us to read.



September 11, 2000 - Stephen began to make note of an integrated storyline which would soon begin. The first visible appearance of this, was the appearance of the Watchers, which appeared as floating eyeballs. (Watcher image)

 The Watchers spoke in a garbled code, which was cracked by a toon named RDragon. The Watchers changed code three times, with each cracked by the named toon. These creatures spoke urgent messages that were quite a mystery. 

 The event that really started off the storyline was the appearance of BishopSmith. He appeared at Duach's Temple and began "preaching" against Duach and the evil he would bring. Too bad no one captured his words, as they may have contained hints for us today! Many laughed at him, thinking him a mere player, but Stephen appeared at the Temple as well, in the form of a floating head. BishopSmith was suddenly struck dead. He returned, headless, and soon after, with the head of a ghoul. Stephen spoke of BishopSmith, saying this was a bad sign, to see one so afflicted, his face so rotten. Evil was on its way.

 The first appearance of Newcomer was sighted by RDragon on October 2, 2000 . Newcomer is the messenger, and sometimes referred to as prophet, of Duach. She brings his word and will to the people, as BishopEdward does for Enid, and Herald does for Despothes. RDragon was chosen as the leader of Duach's "army" at this point.

 Newcomer again appeared on October 10, 2000 . Newcomer spoke urgently against RDragon's distractions. A false prophet had arisen - LordDaemon.

 An appearance near a similar date occurred to EvilCait. Newcomer told EvilCait that she was not the traitor that Newcomer had warned RDragon of. Newcomer told EvilCait to ask RDragon to bring news of the Herald.

 October 12, 2000 - Newcomer again appears to EvilCait. She spoke of the scepter stirring (referring to Despothes). The earthquakes (which began to occur at Duach's Temple) were evidence of this, Newcomer said.

 October 12, 2000 - Newcomer appears to Kanex, DragnDave, and Lasa (who had become known as The Recorder, seeking out records of messages of the prophets and posting them so that all could see and hear). Newcomer once again asks for news of the Herald, but no one had any information for her. Apparently, Herald had appeared by this point, as DragnDave speaks of that the Herald would come again soon.

 October 13, 2000 - Newcomer and BishopEdward appear at Duach's Temple. RDragon, Raiven, EvilCait and DragnDave witness. Newcomer and BishopEdward mostly conducted a meeting between themselves. Newcomer spoke that the followers of Enid and of Duach must be respectful when in the others' Temples. Newcomer and BishopEdward spoke of the faeries and seraphs joining together - the creatures of different alignments grouping together. Newcomer here speaks of herself as a species that is required by the gods, and that more would come. RDragon was told to use EvilCait to gather more followers, because of her faithfulness. Again, Newcomer speaks of the scepter awakening its master. When this happens, she said, the time is here.

 October 14, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire. HeartsDesire prayed to Duach and kissed his altar when Newcomer appeared. Newcomer noted this.

October 14, 2000 - Newcomer appears to Etincelle, LilyBlossom, RubberDuckie, and Havox. Newcomer asked Etincelle to make an image of Duach. Newcomer spoke of the Temple being defiled by human blood. She said Duach does not require mortal blood, and that blood will come. She said battles within the Temple defile it.

 October 15, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire, Gr8Wiz and LilyBlossom. Newcomer noted their loyalty.

 October 15, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire. Newcomer told HeartsDesire that Duach desired her to get some rest, that she would not miss what would happen - to rest and be strong for she was counted.

 October 16, 2000 - Newcomer appears to Etincelle, EvilCait, Havox, DragnSmoke, Virex, and HeartsDesire. Newcomer said Duach and Elphame (who had aligned at this point) were pleased. Newcomer said RDragon was growing confused, and that to find the truth, he ought remember the beginning (of the storyline).

 October 19, 2000 - Newcomer appears to EvilCait and Flamewolf. Newcomer said Duach is troubled, as some who were interested in following had been sent away. Newcomer noted Flamewolf for guarding the gifts to Duach. She also knew Sunrize was Flamewolf's wife, and had sent her a message regarding Sunrize's search for the portal in the wrong place. Newcomer counted EvilCait as the loyal, and again told her to watch for new followers to come.

 Around the beginning of November, RDragon dropped from his position of leader of Duach's "army." HeartsDesire was chosen by Newcomer as the new leader. A council was chosen by the followers and these were chosen to be on it: EvilCait, PhoenixStar, RubberDuckie, Slackware, LordMordeth, Rally, and KTODemonBear. Rally dropped out after about a week.

 November 21, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire and Kanex. Newcomer explained she had been away and watching and that Duach was angry because LordDaemon was still being listened to. Newcomer said the time is tomorrow, that things will begin slowly at first, and then more would come. She said the followers were to seek underground (meaning the new dungeons which came in soon after, Dark Gauntlet and Test of the Souls). Newcomer said not to push any away from the portal, and before anything happens, the Temple must be full. Newcomer said then that the followers must not wait for her to tell them what to do - they must understand what they are to do. The followers are not needed for warring and if any believe they are needed for this, they are useless in the plan.

 November 23, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire and Sunray. Newcomer spoke to HeartsDesire. She said her loyalty was duly noted, that the plans are nearly complete and the portal is ready. She told HeartsDesire she would assist in the final plans. But, Newcomer said, the following must grow in numbers before the portal is opened. The followers were urged to spread the word.

 November 23, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire again. She tells HeartsDesire that her thoughts of who was playing the false prophet toon of LordDaemon were correct. Newcomer said this was only the beginning and more was to come. She said Duach was pleased with all.

 November 26, 2000 - Cavaleer is alone in the Temple, asking for strength and guidance when Newcomer appears to him. She tells him that he possesses the strength and guidance he seeks.

 November 26, 2000 - Newcomer appears to EvilCait, Cavaleer, LordMordeth and HeartsDesire. Newcomer again says to send none away. She tells LordMordeth he has long been loyal. Newcomer commends EvilCait for staying loyal. Newcomer tells Cavaleer that he seeks what Duach sees in him, and that he will find it. Newcomer says that the words of the followers must not be hidden, and they are not to hide in the three numbers.

 November 26, 2000 - Newcomer appears the third time this day, now to Seth, Secretangel and HeartsDesire. Newcomer knew of the gift that Secretangel had planned to give Duach. Newcomer said Duach was pleased.

 November 26, 2000 - Newcomer appears to PhoenixStar. Newcomer tells PhoenixStar that she is seeking her path with Duach in a way others have not - looking for answers within herself. She commends PhoenixStar.

 December 2, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire and Cavaleer. Newcomer told HeartsDesire she would have an assistant, one who did not yet know he had been chosen. She said she would direct him to the Temple. Newcomer said many followers were scattered throughout the land and that presence at the Temple must not be confused with loyalty. Newcomer noted Cavaleer's loyalty as well. Newcomer said the time to proceed has come.

 December 2, 2000 - Newcomer returns after Cavaleer has left and HeartsDesire remained at the Temple. Newcomer said she had returned to give HeartsDesire what is to be done. She told HeartsDesire that she had begun to guide the new helper to the Temple. Newcomer also said that those of Light believe the evil to be without honor, and this would be their downfall. Newcomer said to find those skilled in the dark arts - Necromany, Player vs. Player combat, and pickpocketing - and to have them teach these to those who wish to learn. She said it must be done with honor, and those who are unwilling must not be harmed. She said PvP was a choice, however.

 December 3, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire, Cavaleer and StormyNightt. Newcomer says Duach is pleased. Newcomer tells Cavaleer to have no fear of silence in her presence. She then expresses concern over HeartsDesire getting some rest and notes she had left the Temple that day to hunt. Newcomer returns to the topic of the advisor to Newcomer. She says he is one who is not of the current following. Newcomer tells StormyNightt that he has much knowledge.

 December 9, 2000 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire and Seth. Newcomer notes that HeartsDesire has rested. Newcomer also notes that the advisor to HeartsDesire, Seth, has been found. Newcomer tells him he will understand why he was chosen in time, and that it was she who drew him to the Temple. Newcomer then speaks of the well. She says it comes, and will be a well of wishes. That its location will be ever changing. She warns to beware the origin of the well, as it comes from Despothes.

 This is when the long gap in the storyline occured. The Realm Team had to complete the new User Interface and Codemasters wanted them to devote all their resources to this. Once the Realm picked back up, they finally decided to continue the storyline.

 May 19, 2001 - Newcomer appears to Dyno, a follower of Enid, in Duach's Temple. She said her master sends word soon.

 May 21, 2001 - Newcomer appears to Flamewolf and Etincelle. The only thing Newcomer did was perform an action. She retrieved a key from the altar.

 May 30, 2001 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire. Newcomer tells her not to give up hope. She says to listen to the cries of Leinster, which Duach smited.

 June 2, 2001 - Newcomer appears to Greyhame. She notes that he has found contentment in following Duach.

 June 3, 2001 - Newcomer appears to RubberDuckie, PhoenixStar, Gshock, Ramandu, Cavaleer, Purraj, Shikatoka and Etincelle. Newcomer addresses Etincelle, then speaks in a foreign laguage. The first phrase is French, the second English, and the third unknown. RubberDuckie finds it to be Bosnian. The entire message says that the trivia (that Etincelle held to publicize the storyline) went well. Duach is pleased. More testing will continue, and we must increase the following.

 June 6, 2001 - Newcomer appears to PhoenixStar, EvilCait and Gshock. Newcomer admonishes followers for actions made in a joking manner. She says the Temple must not be defiled, then says forgiveness is given, and the event is forgotten.

 June 8, 2001 - Newcomer appears to HeartsDesire, EvilCait, Ramandu, PhoenixStar, YiraDR, THEGOD, Seth, Greyhame, Heroine, Chia5, Paratanko, NerfanderAnder, Fleurs, and Etincelle. Newcomer tells Chia5 to be careful what is wished for, as it may not be what we truly desire. Newcomer brought an answer from Duach in response to a question EvilCait had been pondering: whether it was right to cast Invulnerability on the Dark Faeries who came into the Temple. Newcomer said that it is fitting to use the skills of the garden goddess to protect those who will destroy her. Newcomer tells the followers that now is the time to perfect skills, to not worry of other matters now, as a great test is to come, and many will die. The time needs to be used to learn.

 June 11, 2001 - Newcomer appears to RubberDuckie, WarriorGiant, B0rt, Ramandu, WizzoWolf, Hero, Emera, Firedragon, Etincelle, Gshock, Greyhame, Flamewolf, and PhoenixStar. I believe arguing had been occurring at the time, and Newcomer appeared and commanded silence. She says if we are loyal to Duach yet fight amongst ourselves, we cannot win. Newcomer said the followers were tested and she watched the testing, and those who hold honor in the darkness will have their place found by Duach. Newcomer said some followers will die for their faith in Duach, but he will not abandon them. She told the followers to seek out a place of meditation, a village to defend, the village of those who see in the darkness.

 June 11, 2001 - Newcomer appears again, to Paratanko, PhoenixStar, B0rt, HeartsDesire, Etincelle, RubberDuckei, NerfanderAnder, JMagna44, Gshock, WizzoWolf, Firedragon, Purraj, and WarriorGiant. Newcomer bids the followers to approach her, and to gather around her. She says that all who were tested and passed were still among us and no former leaders were cast away - all have a place. Newcomer says she has passed through trials which would long ago have broken us, and that in doing so, she evolved to her present form. Survival will come from faith in ourselves and each other. The followers are the strength of the darkness and the time of their battle is drawing close. However, the key she retrieved was damaged in the lifting of the mists. Newcomer comments on how she once bade Morningdove to return from her dangerous search in the desert, but the mists may require all to return to the danger soon. She again dispells any truth to another false messenger.

 June 14, 2001 - Newcomer appears to EvilCait, YiraDR, and Greyhame. Newcomer comments on EvilCait's lonely vigil at the Temple, but comments that "when that which is to come falls upon the land" the Temples will be filled. She notes EvilCait's strength. Newcomer clarifies that there is no longer to be any form of leadership in the following. The reason being that each has a unique place in the plan, and to place one over another would endanger the plan. Newcomer says she will be searching for one to repair the key - that we will not know him (basically he will not be mortal).

 June 17, 2001 - Newcomer appears to Raiven and Scot. RubberDuckie had brought some miscellaneous items earlier on from the town of Arimathor, where a shopkeeper was found to say that they see by night in the town. More followers added on to the pile, until many items from Arimathor were piled up. Newcomer appeared and remarked that the offerings were the crafts of those who see by night, and were well received. She said a town of ancient honor had been found.

 June 17, 2001 - Newcomer appears again to Raiven, Scot and CouerDeLion. Newcomer remarked the Raiven's vigil was long and well kept. She again said the crafts of those who see in the darkness have lightened the heart of Duach and please him. It is derived that the chosen town is Arimathor.



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