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Watcher Phrases Interpreted

Where is the wishing well?
Did you see the wishing well?

Several of the messengers had made references to a wishing well the first time the storyline was happening. Newcomer said it will be a well of wishes. That its location will be ever changing. She warns to beware the origin of the well, as it comes from Despothes.

Did you see them cast 'invisibility'? Ha Ha Ha
Death wish? ha ha ha
I feel a strong magical undercurrent.
Their magic is impotent.
They still use mana crystals!

There have been quite a few of Watcher phrases in which they have basically called our magic weak. "They still use mana crystals!" possibly referenced the change in the new User Interface, when mana was turned into a bar, though still bought as crystals. These phrases also led up to the introduction of the new magical items sold by Marvin and dropped my monsters.

Do you smell that?
The stench of death will be great.

There have also been many references to a lot of death. So far, no real answers have been found in regard to these phrases.

The mark of the gods will be on them.
The alters are beginning to surge.
Vanity. That is the key.

These refer to the new caves that appeared during the storyline, Dark Gauntlet and Test of the Souls. Each contains an altar to Duach, and Enid, respectively. When you are evil and pray at Duach's altar in the Dark Gauntlet, you receive Duach's Mark. Likewise when you are good and pray at Test of the Souls, you receive Enid's Mark. The last remark refers to the password to the door in Dark Gauntlet.

Duach is a powerful foe.
Duach is a powerful part of this storyline so far, but we do not yet know who he is a foe to, that the Watchers speak of.

Enid is powerless to help.
Uncertain. It would seem it means she is powerless to help the people of the Realm, possibly from what is to come.

Have they gathered yet?
This most likely points out that we are to gather at the Temples, as the messengers have urged.

Have you seen the stoney ones?
Most likely a reference to Elementals, but not certain.

He will be quite pleased.
What is he waiting for?

Assuming Duach, as the Watchers are his creatures. But not definite.

I feel sorry for them.
For us, assuming, in what is to come.

I feel that the number 27 is of importance.
No answer as of yet as to what the number 27 references.

I have heard that it will begin soon
Kind of self-explanatory and ever relevant.

I have seen nothing that can stand in our way.
Could refer to the fact that Watchers are immune to all of our attacks, or that what is to occur cannot be prevented.

I must observe more closely.
Self-explanatory. What else do eyeballs do!

It will be easy.
What will be easy? Uncertain.

Leinster still burns!
Interesting that this is important to them.

Mabon has forsaken these.
Us, assumedly. Mabon has no large role in the storyline. Could also refer to the Watcher's opinion that our magic is weak.

Some things are beginning to happen in the desert.
The desert is not safe.
Nothing has yet been found in the desert, though many have searched.
The alarmer will come also.

Uncertain. We don't know who the alarmer is.

The Avengers will be involved.
Uncertain. We don't know who the avengers are or will be.

The attacks will become more frequent.
The ogres are a bit frustrated.
The faeries are becoming aware.
The faeries are becoming angry.

Uncertain. But we have some upset monsters apparently... and attacks on who by what?

The mists are too strong to penetrate.
The mists are what limit our Realm to the size that it is. In 2.x, the Mists only revealed Leinster and Kurz. When we came into 3.x, the Mists receded as our world expanded. This could mean our world could eventually expand.

What of the newcomers?
The newcomers will dominate.

Newcomer is the messenger for Duach, and she has said that she is the first of many; a new race. When we can expect to see more of these newcomers is unknown.

Their armor is no match for us.
They are not smart enough...
What are these levels they speak of?
These 'levels' seem quite puny.
These weaklings pose no threat.
Without proper weapons how can they fight?
Wrath? ha ha ha

Again, the Watchers make jabs at the low amount of power and strength they see us having. To them, we are a laugh with our magic, armor, weapons, and even levels. Perhaps all of these things will change in the future and we will receive new items.

The others are coming nearer ... they have some powers now.
They grow in strength and number.

This phrase came in later. It seems as we advance in levels and power, they had a bit more respect for us.

BishopSmith's demise was touching.
This refers to the first prophet, who was smited by Duach. They possibly see it as touching because it was Duach who did it, and the Watchers most likely serve Duach. (Boy, were we wrong!)

The plan is almost complete.
Which plan is referred to, we are uncertain.

The appointed time grows nearer.
The time is not right yet.
There is much still to do.

Self-explanatory. Much work is to be done before anything "big" will happen.

They have attacked me several times.
This is true - many people tried to kill them, but Watchers were invincible.

We will kill you.
Pretty creepy!

Wen is a prime target.
What it is the target for is uncertain.

I think they can understand us.
A later phrase that came once their first or second code had been cracked.

Have the other temples become active?
Duach's Temple was the first to gather much attention, so this refers to if the other temples had gathered followers yet.

The sacred temple will prevail.
But which is the sacred temple?

The portals are nearing completion.
What are these portals and where do they lead, or what do they contain?

The offerings will be consumed.
This possibly refers to the offerings in Duach's Temple. They would disappear from off the ground within a matter of moments.

I agree.
I disagree.
What have you seen?

Just the Watchers talking to each other.

Will they ever prepare?
Are they ready?
Do you think they will listen?

Self-explanatory as well. Referring to us, most likely.

Interpretations by RubberDuckie

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