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"Our Dark Lord and Master… Whose name carries with it the screams of a thousand souls in anguish, for he is the deliverance of pain. Pay heed to his words, oh faithless of The Realm, for when he rises and the lands are engulfed in cleansing flame, it is we, his faithful, that shall walk beneath his shadow and play amongst the charred ruins of your once great cities. Hail to thee, Lord Duach, may your name be the last whispered from our dying lips as we fade into the arms of the Lady Elphame."

Duach is the God of Darkness and Evil within The Realm Online, an online RPG by Norseman Games which originated under Codemasters' previous ownership. He is one of three main Gods within The Realm, all of whom play an intricate role in the game's ongoing, interactive storyline. He has charged that we, his humble followers, practice the Dark Arts (pick pocketing and player vs. player), but to do so with honor. We uphold his teachings, which are brought to us by his prophet...


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"Within the temple of Darkness, the shadows stir, dancing and weaving in the firelight with a life of their own.  From the shadows emerges a figure, standing  before  the  faithful  gathered  to hear his words. Many turn away,

their mortal eyes unable to fully comprehend his dark, ethereal beauty bestowed upon him by the Dark Master. His serpentine voice echoes from the cold stone walls, as he delivers Lord Duach's commandments."

Virulent is the prophet of Duach, and the messenger between the Dark One and his faithful. He is neither God nor mortal, but exists somewhere between the two. Though many outside of the Fellowship of Darkness see him as cruel, we of the Darkness have come to understand him, with time. He has shown on many occasions that he wants nothing more than to serve Duach and to assist the faithful.


"The souls of the dead wander without direction, crying out at the loss of the flesh. In the darkness, the icy hands of the Goddess reach out to catch the fallen, bringing them into the protective veil of darkness that is death. The Lady Elphame stands, her scales of justice held before her, as one by one the souls are judged to determine their worthiness to be reborn once more. Those who are determined unworthy are gathered into her arms to sleep for an eternity, her breath cold against their cheeks.

"Hail to our Lady Elphame, may you be forever within us. May we see your face in the eyes of our enemies as they gasp their final breath."

Because the Goddess Elphame is aligned with our Lord Duach, many chose to follow both the God and the Goddess, and some the Goddess alone. Elphame is the Goddess of death, judgment of souls after death, and justice. As of yet, she has no prophet, but many hope that recent predictions of a new prophet in the land will mean that Elphame has awakened.

Intro by Beschattet
Nin makil, nin serke, nin laisi.

The Storyline has amused and entertained Realmers for nearly 3 years. There are no requirements to "join", only a desire to become involved as the story unfolds.

While all Realmers have enjoyed the fruits of the updates made since October 2000, only Storyliners know the reasons behind the implementation of the newest items and hunting locations. Their very existence is directly tied in to the Gods and future events. There is no storyline knowledge needed to use the items or to hunt in the newest areas, but it is interesting to know the "whos, whats, wheres, and whys". The "whens", as always, remain a mystery.

The biggest appeal to the storyline, secondary only to the social aspects, appears to be the intricate weaving of stories within stories and an endless parade of characters contributing to the tapestry of the storyline. The current task at hand involves unraveling the multipart puzzles which promise wondrous surprises in Mabon's Temple when solved.


Join Duach's Faithful in his temple, located 9 south (down) and 8 west (left) from Wen's teleporter room. Channel 667 has traditionally been used as the Dark Channel although it has fallen into disuse as of late. You can also read about current happenings at The Realm's Official Storyline Boards known affectionately by Storyliners as...

The Town Tree
(Temple Chronicles).

M O R E ...

A great big "Thank You!"  to all of the people behind the storyline, past...present...and yet to come. Your talents do not go unnoticed nor unappreciated even though it's not often expressed. Keep up the wonderful work. The storyline is what has kept many Realmers, who might otherwise have left, playing.

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October 2000


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