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The Realm of the earth is full of miseries, and the decree
of the fates shall change the course of the heavens.

During its almost 3-year run, the Storyline has introduced many characters to supplement the main roles of the Gods and their messengers. Some have left shortly after their introduction having completed their tasks, some have remained in the shadows biding their time until they once again walk the lands of the Realm, and, sadly, others have met their demise in a variety of ways.

It is sometimes difficult to remember the names of all of the "official" Storyline characters and even harder to remember exactly what their parts have played in the scheme of things. It is hoped the following short biographies will assist those who are newly come to the Realm and to the Storyline, and as a refresher for those of us who may have forgotten who did what.

* CREDITS: The information contained herein has been gleaned from the hundreds of posts on Realmserver's Official Storyline Forum - The Temple Chronicles , The Realm Oracle , veteran storyliners: SevenOfNine, Cavaleer, AdamZ, and personal recollection. I've attempted to post only what can be verified without interjecting personal interpretation of events. Please contact me via e-mail for omissions or corrections.


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ACQUIRER - In early January 2003, this creature from the Mists was seen in Leinster studying those who milled around there. He visited the temples as well seeking knowledge and items. According to BishopAlexander, the Goddess Enid was aware of the Acquirer's movements and was duly concerned. The good Bishop commented that Destra would probably be rewarding Acquirer for his deeds. Several days later, he was killed by Beschattet and Mikki of the Dark. Upon his death, a shadow-form was seen leaving the body. The Shadow-form bore the name Sinistra, Destra's altar ego.

ANSUZ - 03/02 - Originally, Ansuz came to our lands in her youthful form as ZuZu. It was said that her power would be great once she matured. After much turmoil between the followings, who'd been tasked with taking "possession" of the Ansuz, it was realized that no God alone should be able to control this kind of power. It was decided that she would be allowed to grow and evolve but with less power than had been predicted. Ansuz is loyal to all of the Gods. She is quick to help any and all, no matter which path they follow. She can frequently be found at the Smiting Memorial in Leinster. She has no memories of her time as ZuZu.

ARIELLE - The third of the three sisters (with Astra and Aysha) sent to seduce the three prophets. No attempt to beguile Herald was ever made by Arielle. It is unknown if she had a change of heart or is merely biding her time for a better opportunity in light of her sisters' failures. The following exchange was overheard:

Astra: My sister, he is but clay in my hands (referring to BishopAlexander, Enid's prophet). He knows only what I lead him to believe.
Arielle: I am sure he does sister. After all, are we not the Temptresses picked by the Old Ones? When do you want Aysha and I to arrive at the other temples?

ASTRA - The first of three sisters ( with Arielle and Aysha) that were sent to tempt and seduce the Prophets. She pretended to want to "learn the ways of the Light" and quickly endeared herself to BishopAlexander. Seeing him besotted with his new acolyte and blinded to her true purpose, Enid's faithful hatched a plot whereby she was taken through the Test of Souls to pray at the altar. Her resulting skin color change was enough to jolt BishopAlexander from the spell he'd been under. Astra fled the Realm and was not seen nor heard from for many months, but has recently returned to wreak havoc once more.

AYSHA - The second of three sisters (with Arielle and Astra) who were sent to distract the prophets. Virulent was Aysha's target in the scheme and as with Astra and the Bishop, he was at first blinded to the followers' concerns and warnings. Several attempts were made to trap and hold her, but none succeeded. Klevant slew her in combat thereby putting an end to her seduction of the Voice.



BISHOP ALEXANDER - BishopAlexander is the current prophet of the Goddess Enid. Being that she is the Goddess of Peace, the Bishop follows a like path. He is gentle in voice and demeanor and his patience is unsurpassed. He often captures his audience with tales which generally teach a lesson or hint at things to come. His pristine white robes and accompanying mitre echo the teachings of the Goddess, purity and goodness. When the good Bishop is on official business, he wears his mitre while appearing bareheaded usually means it is a social call.

The Light had some worries, at one point, when BishopAlexander's head was turned by Astra's feminine wiles. She came to him under the pretense of wanting to learn the ways of the Light. Had not Enid's followers intervened and taken her to pray at the altar, turning her a nice shade of green thereby proving she was less than "good", who knows what may have occurred.

BISHOP EDWARD - On the day that BishopSmith died, Enid came to BishopEdward and sent him forth to spread her word throughout the Realm. She warned that he should not stray as BishopSmith had done or he would meet a like fate. He served the people in the following well for some time, proving himself a worthy choice. It came to pass that Light, Enid's gift to the following, was weakening and it appeared her time was nearing an end. BishopEdward gave his life, that Light should recover and continue in the Realm. His sacrifice has guaranteed him a place of honor with the followings for all time.

BISHOPSMITH - 08/25/01 - BishopEdward made it known, via a tale, that BishopSmith was his son. The Goddess Enid spoke to BishopSmith in her temple and tasked him to spread her word. When he returned to his home and related the events to his father, BishopEdward did not believe him and cast him out. Smith, feeling distressed and thinking that impending harm would come from the Dark, went to Duach for help. While there, his visions became distorted and he began to pray to Duach in earnest. The Goddess, feeling betrayed, struck him down and cursed him, saying, "Foul and horrible, I take away from you the beauty of life and replace it with that of which you pray". She banished him to the Dark Temple.

On the day of his son's demise (10/05/00), BishopEdward noted the following on the Town Tree:

"People of The Realm, evil is on the way... My very dear friend BishopSmith met with his fate today as he preached about the evil coming. Duach removed his head and replaced it with a ghouls to show of the coming danger in the following days or months. My visions are not as clear as BishopSmith's, but anyone can see that it is on its way.

Thus, did the storyline begin.



CASCIA - Handmaiden-in-training for Despothes under mentorship of Herald. She surprised all in Despothes' Temple and caught Herald's attention by picking up and moving the trophy during one of his visits. Cascia is becoming a worthy sparring partner for Herald.



DEFAR - Defar arrived in the Realm, seeking information on our ways. We had been cautioned against creatures of the Mists who would use the knowledge gained in our world against us. He arrived on the scene prior to Newcomer's exposure as a traitor. It is thought that Defar was possibly her mate, at the very least, he was her minion. When confronted and killed, he would assimilate the body of one near him, thereby continuing in his quest for knowledge. He killed Wary and invaded her body at one point. It was thought that it might be possible to sabotage his mission by teaching him only worthless spells. Ultimately, he was dispatched by Wisdom, never to return.

DESPOTHES - Despothes is the God of Balance and the King of all Gods. He is of neutral alignment, that which is needed to preserve a balance between good and evil. He is paired with Finvarra in the proverbial 2x2x2 path walked by the Gods. He is the God responsible for lifting the Mists. The power of Despothes can be called upon by using his Scepter which causes your opponents in battle to be hit by a random elemental spell (fireball, ice storm, lightning bolt). "Despothes' Wrath", the magical spell attributed to him is not available to mortals.

While the Light and the Dark have each had more than one prophet, Despothes' right hand, Herald, has served him since the beginning. The town associated with Herald and his followers is Asgard where the crest on the Valhalla Inn reads, "The harder the challenge, the more glorious the victory. What is easily obtained, is often lightly esteemed." Despothes' Temple can be found in Wandering Woods which can be reached by traveling 3 up and 14 left from Wen teleporter, or by praying at the altar in Leinster (1 down and 7 left from East Leinster teleporter).

DESTRA - She is believed to be from the Mists. It is unclear if she was sent to walk among us gathering information or if she is in the Realm of her own volition. She appears to learn as much as she can from listening in on conversations of the faithful and from objects which have carelessly been left lying around. She is crafty and is known to have originally used the form known as the Acquirer. Destra (meaning: right hand) has an alter ego named Sinistra (meaning: left hand) who has all but vanished in recent times. Rumors abound that Destra may have also been behind Defar's appearance.

Destra is responsible for having captured Jasalva and Light and holding them hostage. She promised their safe return in exchange for information. Jasalva managed to free herself and then assisted in getting Light back. During their captivity, Destra would assume their identities and attempt to get what she wanted through her deception.

DIDASCALOS - From ancient times, The One who possessed the four virtues which set him apart from all others as worthy of learning the secrets of the nature of things. In our times, there is a man named Didascalos who wanders the Realm and may possibly be descended from the original but he is not the one whom Donlos seeks, although they have spoken.

DONLOS - Donlos has been with us almost since the beginning. While little is known of him, it is known that he seeks "The One". In ancient history (from, it is written that Donlos was summoned by Despothes and tasked to find the one human worthy of being taught the principles of the nature of things. His search took him far and wide until he came upon one named Didascalos. He possessed the four virtues which are attributed to The One, intelligence to help one understand, patience in all that one does, understanding what is spoken to one, and from that wisdom will grow. At the time, Despothes agreed that Didascalos was indeed worthy and asked the Misthos to make himself known to the chosen one. It is unknown what transpired after this.

Donlos surfaces from time to time and it can be assumed that he continues his search even now.

DUACH - Duach is the god of Darkness and Evil and is aligned with Elphame, the Goddess of Death and Justice. A semblance of his power can be invoked by using the spell which bears his name, "Duach's Vengeance". The spell produces a large fireball falling from the skies smiting your opponent. Duach's Crystal, a God item, can be used to achieve the same effect. It is a one-time use crystal.

Although Duach has been known to walk the Realm in mortal form, his word is delivered to his faithful by Virulent, his current prophet. He disposed of his previous prophet, Newcomer, upon learning she was a traitor. Arimathor is the town associated with Duach and is under his protection.

Duach's "town" is Arimathor. A baldric showing allegiance to him can be purchased at The Scimitar Tavern. The crest inside the tavern reads, "Lord of Darkness, Fill my heart with thy black glee, The battle is upon us, My steel grows hungry, My heart grows cold, And my eyes do gain the stare of death."

Duach's Temple can be reached by traveling through The Wild Beyond, 9 down and 8 left from the Wen teleporter or by praying at the altar in Duach's Grotto located in Leinster (2 down and 8 left from East Leinster teleporter). The Dark Gauntlet is located 1 left and 1 down of Duach's Temple. By praying at the altar, one receives Duach's Mark which gives the recipient 90% Poison Resistance, turning the person's hair black and eyes red for the duration (6 hours actual time). One must be of evil or pure evil alignment to receive this "blessing".



ELITA - First mentioned March 6, 2003. The name, which means "chosen one", was part of the answer to one of 5 riddles posed by Herald - "Elita is her prophet." It is unknown which deity she serves yet although "her" would imply a Goddess.

Virulent on September 11, 2003: It is said that Elita will come, but it is not known who her Mistress will be.

ELPHAME - Elphame is the Goddess of Death and Justice and as such, is aligned with Duach, God of Evil. When used in battle, "Elphame's Justice" (magical spell) and "Elphame's Scales" (God item) cause your opponents to be judged, and if found to be "wanted", will kill them instantly. Her temple can be found in Winter Wold by walking 8 screens down from Usk and 3 left. Elphame currently has no prophet.

During recent times, when the Realm came under attack by creatures from the Mists, Wisdom appeared in Elphame's Temple to take a count for the resurrection of the bodies of those who would die defending our lands. Initially, she was thought to have been sent by Elphame but during her visit on 01/30/02, it was revealed Wisdom is the Goddess Elphame herself.

Wisdom: There is one name however, that can not be recorded into the book of death.
Wisdom: You cannot resurrect that which is not living, therefore my name can not be entered into the book.
SegFault: Are you a god? Maybe.. Elphame herself?
Wisdom nods at SegFault.

ENID - Goddess of Peace, Romance, Nature, and all things good. She is attended by her prophet, BishopAlexander, who delivers her edicts to her loyal followers and she is aligned with Mabon. To show her love and pleasure with her faithful, she made them a gift of two sisters, Wary and Light. In the beginning, they were able to foretell what was coming through dreams. Eventually, they lost these special abilities. Enid's town is Wen. Light in the Forest Crest reads, "...and they prayed unto the goddess, their voices raised as one. When they did open their eyes, Behold! they did proclaim. Enid had answered." One may purchase a baldric showing allegiance to Enid at the tavern.

"Enid's Blessing" is the spell associated with the Goddess. When used during battle, it will fully heal everyone in your group of damage sustained and poison. "Enid's Perfect Rose", which can be found in the Test of Souls is a one time use God item which heals the same as the spell. "Enid's Mark", which protects the recipient from Death Magic Spell for 6 hours, can be gotten by praying at the altar in the Test of Souls which is located 1 left and 1 down from Enid's Temple in Devon Forest. One must be of good or saintly alignment to receive the mark which turns the hair purest white. The temple can be reached by traveling 7 left, 4 down, and 1 left from Silverbrook teleporter (safest route) or by praying at the altar in Enid's Alcove in Leinster (2 down and 6 left of East Leinster teleporter).



FINVARRA - Finvarra is the God of War. He is aligned with Despothes and while up until recently, not much had been heard of him, he has been busy forging magical armor and weapons for the people of the Land to use against those from the Mists. Recent additions have been armor bearing his name, Finvarra's Cowl, Finvarra's Shoes, Boots and Bracers. A magical Backpack and Belt are also among those items. Weapons introduced are the Sword of Tiwaz and the Uruz Dagger. Finvarra currently has no prophet. His temple is located in Tourney Grove and can be reached by walking 5 up and 1 left from the Kurz gate.



GAIA - While Gaia is mentioned in the Ancient History, there is not much known of her, nor whether she will impact the Lands in the future. SevenOfNine writes the following of the Goddess:

A creator goddess like Luna and Mabon, she left the Realm in a fit of rage, after creating the Orcs and being forgotten by her people as they fought among themselves. She was also said to have sent a nasty Saurillian God to sleep, forming mountains north of Usk. This however cannot be proved true or false, as these "mountains" are also lost in the mists. It is said that once Gaia left the Realm, travel through the Mists stopped for all the residents of the Realm. However, the ability of certain creatures, mainly the mist creatures, to pass through the Mists, makes Gaia highly suspect, although I doubt such a goddess would hold a grudge that long.... or would she?



HERALD - Herald is the Prophet of Despothes, the King of Gods. He is revered as a wise and compassionate prophet and is well loved by those loyal to the Lord of the Scepter. He has earned the respect of many, including those of the other followings, and has shown that he has not only great wisdom but a sharp wit and sense of humor as well. His warrior skills are legendary and is known to include followers of all faiths in his hunting parties. Testing of the followings has become a common occurrence and Herald has become the primary examiner during those times. He delivers thought-provoking tales which usually contain hints of what is to come.



INAMORATAS - Almost nothing is known about the woman named Inamoratas. She first appeared in the temple room at Mabon's and informed the masses gathered there that Virulent would not be making his arranged visit. Some were quick to spot the title of "Concubine" upon her which sparked much gossip. She has appeared several times since then and has given clues for solving Mabon's puzzle. Inamoratas appears to be aligned with the Darkness and has admitted to being Virulent's "Friend". Only time will tell.



JASALVA - Jasalva is possibly the Realm's most colorful citizen and our favorite resident witch. She bears a strong resemblance to her mother, Nasalva, who assisted us in the past before her death. Jasalva follows no path but has great respect for all of the Gods, assisting where she can when trouble brews. Through her tutelage many spells, which have been used during these trying times, were written. She has a become a valuable and trusted friend to us all... despite all of her little quirks.



KALLIOPA - First appearance - 12 September, 2003. Confirmed by BishopAlexander.

A flower vendor from Wen who found herself at Duach's Temple, having lost her way while out picking blooms. Nothing is known of her at this time except that she is currently enjoying the hospitality at Enid's Temple.

KASIM - Little is known of Kasim's origins other than he possessed vital information about the Mists from which he'd escaped. Ansuz asked that he be located and given an urgent message to meet with her at the Smiting Memorial. She vowed to give him her protection. Eventually, it took a spell by Jasalva to hold him long enough to convey Ansuz's message and he met with her shortly after. Destra also came forth seeking him, going so far as to offer to trade Jasalva, Light, and Vestra (whom Destra and her cohorts had captured during these times) for Kasim. They were eventually all able to return. While the specifics from Kasim have never been revealed, it is known that he supplied key information for the prophets on the weaknesses of the creatures from the Mists. The prophets have stated that the information will be made known when the time is right. It is assumed that Kasim remains in the Realm under the protection of Ansuz.

KLEVANT - A "gift" from Duach to his followers. It is unknown if he was born or created by the Dark One, arriving as innocent as an infant. The Darkness took him under their wing immediately teaching him the ways of the Dark. He learned to speak, to dress, to hunt and to play within the temple walls in his first days. As he matured, he began to withdraw, ultimately leaving the Realm for parts unknown. He has been missing for months although his presence has been felt from time to time. There is speculation that he may have withdrawn to the Mists, but the reasons are unknown. Virulent is most anxious to speak with him. It is a well-known fact that Virulent has no great love for Klevant.



LAVONNA - "What have you been told?" With those words, Lavonna appeared for the first time in the Temple of Duach. The followers present, having no clue as to this woman's identity nor her intentions, were leery and immediately on guard. There had been rumors that things were not as they seemed. Newcomer's actions and words were becoming suspect. Lavonna was impatient and demanding, insisting on information and answers while offering none in return. As her visits increased over several days, it became apparent that she was the "ears" for the Dark Lord. She was ultimately confronted by Newcomer in the temple and struck down when Lavonna denounced her as a spy and traitor. Duach arrived shortly after and faced down Newcomer and the rest, as they say, is history.

LIGHT - Light is a gift sent to the followers of Enid. She brings aid to those in the Land that may need it. Don't allow Light's gentle form and childlike manner fool you, she is a powerful being and a force to be reckoned with. She can often be found visiting the various towns of the Realm helping and healing citizens.

Light and her sister, Wary, who was killed by Defar, originally arrived in the Land exhibiting the ability to "see" what was to come. These visions came to them in their dreams and while the meaning was not always clear, they provided clues as to future events. When Light first came to the people, it was in human form which she used as a disguise. She later assumed her true form, a Seraph Queen.

LOPANSA - Divine Protectorate of Enid's Temple. She is a quiet person not given to socializing. She was present during part of the Defar period and later was tasked with coordinating an exodus of Enid's followers in the event that the Temple came under attack from the Mist creatures. After much preparation and practice, Lopansa informed the following that evacuation would not be needed after all. She oversaw repairs to the temple by Pelarus and when that was completed, she said the temple was no longer in danger and took her leave, returning to the heavens. She has not returned as yet.

LUNA - While Luna is mentioned in the Ancient History, there is not much known of her. She has a very small group of supporters, the most vocal being SevenOfNine who wrote the following:

Luna is the Moon and Harvest Goddess. She is the creator of Knowledge to the Humans and the moon, hence the passage of time night/day. She is widely supported by the population of Monmouth. It is said her Astral Lights are both beautiful and mysterious, but newcomers to the town are warned away, for an unknown reason to the masses. It is said Luna requires blood sacrifices in exchange for good soils, hence the lovely green land around Monmouth. Luna is currently lost in the mists, shrouded from her people by a spell from the jealous Queen of the Faeries. It has concerned me for a long time whether Enid is considered the Faery Queen or not.. being that she created them. We may never know, and may never see Luna.



MABON - The God of Mysticism and Magic and, as such, the creator of all magic in the Realm. He is aligned with Enid and has no prophet - yet. "Mabon's Forced Flee" is a powerful spell which forces one's opponents to flee combat. Mabon's Staff, a God item, accomplishes the same. Until recently, he was thought to be lost in the Mists which is unreachable by mortals. His temple, which is located 6 right, 5 down, and 2 left of Monmouth's Teleporter only recently came into being and has been a source of great consternation. The different rooms have been revealed only after locating trip buttons and solving formulas. The fun is not over yet, there remains more to be revealed when the current puzzles are finally solved.



NASALVA - The storyline's first witch and mother of Jasalva. Like her daughter, she consulted her scrolls for information to aide us in overcoming the many problems plaguing the Realm. Defar was walking the Lands, Newcomer's loyalty to Duach was suspect and Light had been captured and whisked off into the Mists. Jasalva feared for her safety. While in the company of several citizens who were attempting to find her a new home, she was attacked and killed by an Evil Bee outside of her cave in the desert. Her resurrection was denied by Wisdom who noted that she was already up in years. Her daughter, Jasalva, eventually arrived in the Realm and picked up where her mother had left off .. helping, teaching, and entertaining.

NEWCOMER - Duach's first messenger who later betrayed him by attempting to ascend to power equaling the Gods. She enlisted the aid of some within the Dark Following to do her bidding by endearing herself to them. Some within the following were torn between their loyalty to Duach and what they perceived as wrongs done to Newcomer. Duach confronted the traitor and slew her, forgiving those within the following who had strayed. Virulent was presented as the new prophet on that day. By order of the God of Evil, her name is not to be spoken.











SCRIBE - As his name implies, Scribe is a writer. He was sent by Enid with a special shipment of spellbooks (Enid's Blessing) for the people of the Realm. They were to be Enid's gift to the people, but Scribe was waylaid by a group of Hairless Ones from the Mists who stole the shipment. An argument between the prophets ensued with Virulent loudly proclaiming that such a thing would never have happened had the Dark been entrusted with delivery of the spellbooks. After deliberating, it was agreed that the people of the Realm would be sent to search for the creatures and recover as many copies of the book as possible.

At one point, there was a plan hatched and carried out whereby Scribe would alter spellbooks which could be used to "teach" the creatures useless information/spells. There were 3 books actually penned and one each was given into keeping by the 3 followings. The books have never been used.

On 02/18/02, Scribe began a journey to parts unknown from which he has yet to return. The purpose of the trip is unknown. There was a matter of Jestranosa retrieving an item (possibly a puzzle which had been given to Scribe). It is believed that Jestranosa accompanied Scribe on his travels at Enid's behest.

SINISTRA - Destra's alter ego. Through the spell, "Division of the Soul", it appears Destra/Sinistra is able to literally be in two places at once. She has also exhibited the ability to inhabit other beings, as in the case of the Acquirer. When the Acquirer was killed after being determined to be from the Mists, it was Sinistra's shadowy form seen leaving the body. As with Destra, Sinistra attempts to use whatever means possible to learn information. She is guilty of attempting to bribe followers with promises of wealth and riches in exchange for the knowledge she seeks. Both halves of the whole are notorious for collecting items from which to gather knowledge and both are known to listen in the temples, undetected, whenever possible. When discovered, they make quick exits.







VESTA - October 30, 2002 - BishopAlexander informed the faithful that he had "beseeched the Goddess to send us a novitiate of our own." One that would learn the ways of Light and become a symbol of Enid and her doctrine. Vesta appeared, seemingly confused as to how she had arrived at the temple from Enid's Alcove where she had been praying for guidance. Thus, was Vesta introduced as the Acolyte of Light.

Shortly after Destra took Jasalva to the Mists, Vesta allowed herself to be "captured" so that she might observe and learn what she could. Along with Light, who had also been taken, the three were able to gather important information which they reported back to BishopAlexander upon their return. What this information was has not been made available to us yet.

VIRULENT - He is the current messenger/prophet of Duach, having replaced Newcomer after Duach "fired" her. He is tall, dark and human in appearance but his strength and magical powers show that he is definitely not of our world. He is marked with Duach's Aura which resembles a glowing gem in the middle of his forehead and a faint glow about his head. The mark is what prompted ZuZu to nickname him "Three Eyes" and "Cyclops". His demeanor is generally cold and aloof but he has been known to exhibit moments of near-tenderness, much to his chagrin.

He is a powerful warrior in his own rights and shows no mercy where the enemy is concerned. It is an honor for those of the Dark who have had the opportunity to join him on one of his hunts.



WARY - Sister of Light, and a Gift from the Goddess Enid to her faithful followers. They arrived in human form and it soon came to be known that they were "Dreamers" and as such, many of their visions held clues of what was to come. Wary's form began to wither, changing in appearance. While still able to communicate with Light and BishopEdward, she was unable to speak to the followers. Wary was killed by a Mist creature called Defar who then inhabited her body. It was after Wary's death that Light returned to her true form, a Seraph.

WISDOM - Wisdom first appeared in the temple of Elphame one day when the Followers were chasing Defar around. Wisdom banished Defar from the temple with a wave of her hand and when he attempted to return later she put him to rest . She later visited to take a counting of all the names that would help in the coming struggles. The names she counted were written in the Book of Death, and given assurances of resurrection in the future battles. Thanks to SegFault who requested that all names except those of our enemies be placed in the Book of Death. It was then discovered that Wisdom was in fact Elphame in a mortal form.







ZUZU - ZuZu was Ansuz's youthful form, Despothes' creation. She came to the Lands as a teenager full of energy and innocence. Her transformation was achieved under Herald's tutelage and her powers increased although never reaching the original force foretold. She has lost her memories of her days as ZuZu with the completed transformation except for her love of pizza which remains intact.




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