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Watcher Phrases

D ajca eecz yuftyha dpmi zad lxivx cn xhp bzo. *
I have seen nothing that can stand in our way.

D ajca ieohs brsg za ihlm zsjfc fvnj. *
I have heard that it will begin soon.

D kgkn etuho nhl gztj. *
I feel sorry for them.

D kgkn pvoh lxj sgvnod 27 ip di heub dwfryp. *
I feel that the number 27 is of some import.

D kgkn r cwhpuf cwkpxfl skcwviorxgnu. *
I feel a strong magical undercurrent.

D odexj sqio qps ghmoduikai rb. *
I think they can understand us.

D wzau okiiirj cwft xbkppkk. *
I must observe more closely.

D qztad. *
I agree.

D xcaxppci. *
I disagree.

Do penj kc iyjy. *
It will be easy.

Emcndpeu vlxzp qdkby! *
Leinster still burns!

Fqct qe ayfvwznrt am pymy. *
Enid is powerless to help.

HakexkCgjlx'n lxvpzz qgs qcrigdqz. *
BishopSmith's demise was touching.

Km penj kc plxfn jhtbyyd. *
He will be quite pleased.

Kqek joi iivu ftx tamfgf dawl? *
Have you seen the stoney ones?

Kqek uier hybrnmrm hzc? *
Have they gathered yet?

Kqek uie yhnqb mxvxwzu oppcyl ibocca? *
Have the other temples become active?

Mnhk uivohq ubn qraufmwkq je milbgn qr sqi sqnnmk. *
Some things are beginning to happen in the desert.

Nar qxh cci lxj aytyufc jpkg? *
Did you see the wishing well?

Nar qxh ccia brni jlze 'lgllhfsgeazq'? cr vo jy
- "ccia" should be "cci" Stephen typo.
Did you see them cast 'invisibility'? ha ha ha

Nmjyc hvij? nu rs oh *
Death wish? ha ha ha

Nn vru emcot brsg? *
Do you smell that?

Nn vru pvnzt brnp epwb lwsqwe? *
Do you think they will listen?

Nyjfc sc o epgjlxdi yfy. *
Duach is a powerful foe.

Sqbrx iti spwnsurl dpypp. *
Mabon has forsaken these.

Tag audtaj pn hnwky ihlm zs jvlit. *
The stench of death will be great.

Tag axgpcp lqequr cubl zesfekc. *
The sacred temple will prevail.

Tag dxdpniq ubn qrrmnigv adnne *
The faeries are becoming angry.

Tag dxdpniq ubn qrrmnigv arenb. *
The faeries are becoming aware.

Tag lqesi ziq fiw tagfmi va phcbtxjya. *
The mists are too strong to penetrate.

Tag lxzn ys lxj mwfo ihlm zs ce xgfw. *
The mark of the gods will be on them.

Tag mnrt nv yyeirk rmnompqw. *
The plan is almost complete.

Tag mxzsooq ubn wrlghmi zazsabtajn. *
The portals are nearing completion.

Tag nahdykvwn ayhi gfxwkajh. *
The newcomers will dominate.

Tag ngktnzlqh myvt ddkjs awenbr. *
The appointed time grows nearer.

Tag Nidtwiij ktuh no hmhdkfhq. *
The Avengers will be involved.

Tag nnptuv ywj vxkpbfigv qc lxjtm. *
The altars are beginning to surge.

Tag nnrpgiij ktuh rmny gs xwda. *
The alarmers will come as well.

Tag nuptarq gopu jtxfxu tash ljfxzkxp. *
The attacks will become more frequent.

Tag raceujybn ayhi xz tgkwjylj. *
The offerings will be consumed.

Tag ruieuv ywj vwvpbe mukqwv... xgfi dnid cykv ihaxfo bfq. *
The others are coming nearer ... they have some powers now.

Tag ruzei ziq p vyk tgeuieajhq. *
The ogres are a bit frustrated.

Tag taeeuh rj pig tlyz. *
The desert is not safe.

Tag yqfe nv yuf lykyd lyi. *
The time is not right yet.

Tagaa heortxpmr nlzz mg vlshcr. *
These weaklings pose no threat.

Tagaa 'jejitj' nnxv mchcu ynda. *
These 'levels' seem quite puny.

Tagey ftwje xn tinldzmi. *
Their magic is impotent.

Tagey rpgzi xn sw vldos udq jl. *
Their armor is no match for us.

Tagq crqc zlbpvurm jz uulssea rdwga. *
They have attacked me several times.

Tagq dpvxo ljj cwhl xdbpvagl! *
They still use mana crystals!

Tagq uztb jy jflxhadp mge ajysbr. *
They grow in strength and number.

Tagq xze ozl jesmk tbfqih... *
They are not smart enough...

Tagta sc gbex nmyhi df ag. *
There is much still to do.

Vn. *

Vxg ycdx uiywy? *
Are they ready?

Yagta sc wjv goxozld vymf? *
Where is the wishing well?

Yajy crqc tpm nnxh? *
What have you seen?

Yajy qe vc fyxftwk tmd? *
What is he waiting for?

Yajy xc sqi yqkvwvtgy? *
What of the newcomers?

Yajy xze wjvjj pxytwy cwpg hslie ng? *
What are these levels they speak of?

Yasv uier ixqb qmrxbdy? *
Will they ever prepare?

Yazexhs wjv ibijrk izmzdah fqz bqj ycdx qjlxf? *
Without proper weapons how can they fight?

Ym penj nnot zhk. *
We will kill you.

Ymj ed r aujaq fsmktd. *
Wen is a prime target.

Yxjyc? it qz nu *
Wrath? ha ha ha

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