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Description:Members of the Festival Staff hide and ask a trivia question. The first person to find the hider and answer the trivia question correctly...wins!

Celebration of Life Festival
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Rules and Gameplay

1. A member of the Games Staff will hide somewhere above ground in a town or temple.

2. The Hider can either be visible or invisible.

3. A trivia question will then be asked on the game channel.

4. Contestants should NOT answer the trivia question on channel.

5. The first person to find the Hider and give them the correct answer to the trivia question wins.

6. The Hider can give clues as to where they are hiding.

7. The contestant MUST be the first person to give the correct answer in ROOM to win.

8. No /t's will be accepted.

9. Anyone caught following a Hider, will be disqualified.

10. There is a 2 win limit per contestant.