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Description: Four contestants will be given a number of blanks which corresponds to the number of letters in the name of a famous Realm place or Realm person (toon). A clue will be given. The person who can name the toon or place with the least number of letters showing, wins.

Celebration of Life Festival
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Rules and Gameplay
(2 wins per player limit)

1. Four contestants will be chosen by the trivia question method (i.e. The first four people to answer correctly on channel become the contestants).

2. The contestants will meet up with a member of the Festival Staff and join their party. They will all then be summoned inside the game house.

3. The contestants will then be given a number of blanks. The blanks represent the number of letters in the person or place's name that they are trying to guess.

4. A simple SINGLE clue will then be given regarding the person or place.

5. Then, going in order from the first person to get the trivia question correctly to the last, the contestants will "bid" on how many letters they think they can name the person in.

6. The person who bids the LOWEST number of letters, gets to guess first.

7. The Game Host will then fill in a random blank square or squares depending on the number of letters bid.

8. If the contestant guesses wrong, it goes to the next contestant and more letters will be filled in based on their bid.

9. Letters will continue to be filled in until one of the contestants guess correctly.

10. The winner will then be asked to leave the house and return to the general contestant pool for another chance.

11. The three remaining contestants are allowed to keep playing until they win at which time they will be asked to leave the house and then try for another chance at a contestant's spot.

12. The "new" 4th contestant will be chosen by being the first to answer a trivia question correctly.