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Description: This is the Realm version of Hollywood Squares!

Celebration of Life Festival
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Rules and Gameplay

1. Two contestants will be chosen by answering a trivia question on channel OR by being the first two people to /t the game master. The determining process will be the choice of the GM and will alternate. If a trivia question is used, the first two people to answer correctly on channel will be the contestants.

2. The contestants will come to the designated game area and choose their baldric color (either black or red).

3. The contestant who either answered the trivia question first or was the first to /t the GM will be the first to choose a square and will get first color choice.

4. The square they choose will be asked a trivia question. The contestant will then either agree or disagree. Note: Squares will be informed of some questions ahead of time and will be given correct answers. It is their choice to give either the correct answer or a false one.

5. If the contestant agrees or disagrees correctly, then the square will then put on the baldric color of the contestant's choosing.

6. If the contestant agrees or disagrees INcorrectly, then their opponent will win that square and wear the color choice of the opponent.

7. In the fashion of the classic game, Tic Tac Toe, the first contestant to get their color in three squares in a row (either straight across, up and down, or diagonally) will win.

8. If both contestants fail to get their colors in a row, then the first person with five squares wins.

9. We will only do one game per 2 contestants.

10. At the end of the game, both contestants must take their prize and LEAVE the game area.

11. Both contestants may reenter the common contestant pool on the game channel for another chance at playing.

12. There is a two win limit.